Repurposing (a/k/a why I can’t seem to ever throw anything away) …

Well, I had these Grumpy socks from the Disney Store that Sam bought me probably in 1993 or so.  That’s right, 20 year old worn out socks and I still had ’em.  The heels & toes were blown out so that they were more like yoga socks, ‘cept I’m not yet a yoga-kind-of-gal.  Yet.  Rather than pitching them in the trash, I just cut off the feet, kept the cuffs. Can’t explain why.

We were discussing in the shop the other day about various yarn cozies available … and suddenly these Grumpy sock tops had a new life ~ seems perfect!  I’ve been knitting a simple garter stitch shawl with 100% silk; that slick little yarn ball just kept unwinding out of control.  Gently snuggling the yarn cake into the sock cuff, I knit a few rows and it’s working great … so now I’m going to pop off & rummage through the sock drawers again. Let us know if you try it and what you think!

PS:  (This is also offered as a semi-logical explanation as to why we have a pillowcase full of socks for you to prowl through!)


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