A lot of sweet things happen in this little shop, but this one will hold my heart for a good bit.

The precious thing happened in the shop this week, and I just wanted to share. 

First thing Tuesday morning, I answered the phone to a gruff, older (than me) man …
He: “Is this EVE & Company”
Me: “No, sir, this is Ewe & Company”
He: “Are you the knitting shop?”
Me: “Yes, sir.”
He: “Are you Eve?”
Me: “No, sir, I’m Glenna. There is no Eve here.”
He: (chuckle) “Well, I’m coming to see see you.”
Then we had a little conversation about hours, directions …

Thinking he was bringing me another ‘repair project’, I agonized over how I was just going to say “No”. (I cannot bring myself to repair one more acrylic ‘precious’ blanket that some dog has chewed, cigarettes and/or candles have melted, used as a rug .. not again this year, and perhaps never ever again. Boundaries. Can you tell I already had my attitude going?!)

He came in with a gift bag, something all wrapped in tissue, and pulled out an exquisite vintage hand-knit dress his late wife had made. He didn’t want me to repair it, or sell it, he just wanted me to help to find it a proper home. He said that he couldn’t bring himself to donate it to a charity/thrift shop … wanted it to go to someone who would wear it. Then he handed me his ‘calling card’ (a true gentleman!), thanked me, and left. Simply wanted to find this dress the proper home to respect his late wife.

After he left, I buried my face in that dress and cried. It was so similar to the shirt-waist dresses my Nana always sewed. But to knit this ~ I cannot even imagine.

This is one precious handknit … I’m guessing worked on US #1 or #2 needles … and it’s practically pretty perfect, even the seams appear to be hand-sewn. Circa 1960, some kind of cotton blend? It’s teeny … maybe a size 4/6. This needs to be worn again.

If you’re interested, it is available simply for the gifting … please get in touch; just be aware that this piece may require a personal interview (IMO, it is that special).

And … this photo doesn’t really do it justice; it is a pale pink/taupe color blend, presents as pink. And it has a covered buckle belt as well. It will need the perfect buttons! (He did tell me she would remove buttons before sending her garments for dry-cleaning so they wouldn’t be broken, then sew them back on after the cleaning ~ that in itself speaks volumes for this piece & its maker!)

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Alrighty, let’s get this bloggy thang going again!

When I opened Ewe & Company in 2010, my marketing partner gave me a graph … first the blog, then the newsletter, then Facebook. (I think this was before Instagram even took hold.) For the first year, she wrote for me. She’d write & photograph, I’d edit. I was very afraid … I just wanted to sell yarn, help my customers & make. Mostly make. She moved on … I became very comfortable with FB posts and then Instagram, but absolutely neglected the newsletter & blog part. Contrary to what any of you may think, I’m basically pretty shy outside my comfy space (ie the shop).

That worked well for a good while … and then came the game changer known as Covid. 

After a conversation with Meg at Haus of Yarn (a wringing of hands, ‘where will I go, what will I do’) talk, I dug in and revived the newsletter. Meg’s words became my inspiration … ‘this is how I talk to my people.’ Thank you, girl.

Now it is time to revive this blog … one of my most favorite things is opening my emails on Thursday mornings and finding messages from you guys telling me how much you enjoyed my ‘whatever’ in the newsletter. Not just what yarns we have to sell, but things we share. This blog is for the ‘whatever.’

So stay tuned … and we thank you for your support. Because this is how I talk with you when you’re not in the shop. And I love it when you talk back!

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LYS Day is Saturday … or is it? Personally, I think every day is LYS Day!

Sunset from the back marsh … isn’t it gorgeous here?!?
LYS Day as proclaimed by TNNA is Saturday, April 30. Being as how we had just paid a non-refundable deposit on our spring vacation trip 2 days before their email hit (not to mention it had been roughly 2 years since we had heard from TNNA), we are closed the week of April 23-May 2!

We’ll be celebrating LYS WEEK from May 3-May 7, culminating in a Yard Yarn Party (a/k/a YaYa Party!) on May 7 from 10 until we’re done ~ complete with cookies & cupcakes, door prizes and special offerings! Bring a chair, bring your beverage, bring your friends, pick a new project … and you just might want to bring your bug spray!

Again, we will be closed from April 23-May 2 for our spring break (not to mention its my birthday week), which is why we’re celebrating LYS Week! Haus of Yarn & Bliss Yarns will kick off the week on April 30, and all three of us will be celebrating the first week of May. So, start with them ~ then come see us!

Our shop hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am-2 pm (((except for that week we just told you about because we’ll be closed April 23-May 2))). We look forward to seeing you when we get back!

It’s baaaaack! Time for “The Three Shop Shawl, The Sequel”! 

You hopefully recall that in 2020 Ewe & Company, Haus of Yarn & Bliss Yarns collaborated in a three-skein project, the objective being to purchase a skein of yarn from each shop for your project. This proved to be a rousing success, and we had such a good time we’ve decided to do it again! 

We selected the Interlude Shawl by Lisa Hannes … 3 skeins of worsted weight, with just enough pattern to keep it interesting!

Our shop models are posted below:

Ewe & Company (first pic) used Bad Sheep’s Vivant from E&CO for the mesh work, Plymouth Super Merino in Natural from Haus of Yarn, and Malabrigo Rios in Almond Blossom from Bliss;

Bliss Yarns (second pic) used their Haute Knit Trevor Morgan (DK) in Cinnabar Peacock, Haus of Yarn’s Malabrigo Rios in Teal Feather, and E&CO’s Bad Sheep Rebasserie;

Haus of Yarn (third pic) used their Camelia Rainbow Sprinkles, Malabrigo Rios in Valentina from Bliss, and Dream in Color’s Smooshy with Cashmere (fingering held double) in Mint Drop.

It’s kinda your own personal yarn crawl ~ just visit each of the shops and we’ll get you going (the pattern is our treat, just ask when you purchase your first skein)! Bring your friends and make a day trip!

Here’s the pattern link if you’d like to peruse the project pages for some other color combination ideas, as well. (We particularly liked this one, she added more of the mesh & a picot bindoff … fancy! Frankly, I wish I’d seen that one before completing mine ~ but I’ve moved on!)

This is ours … Ewe & Company!
Bliss Yarns
Haus of Yarn
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This happened today …

This happened today, and this speaks directly to the heart of what Ewe & Company is all about. I’ve posted before about Judy ~ our sparkly, feisty girlfriend that we lost way too soon. It was a tough time. 

Today, 6 years and several days out …

I was just having a lazy and pretending-to-be-productive Sunday afternoon … laundry, dishes, dog loving, grocery shopping and a bit of supper started, little snatches of knitting. Out of the cyber-sky fell a text from Judy’s daughter, Cindy. Basically, she said “I’m going to a knitting group and I want to finish Mama’s blanket as a baby blanket and I need more yarn.” And I couldn’t quit crying. Sometimes those tears just rain down, no matter how tough you think you are.

Once I quit crying … this simple little text made my day. I’m now trying to map out Judy’s colors and make something work and fill in the blanks and feeling proud to be doing it (and being asked to help).  

The pics below are Judy, Cindy, some of Judy’s knitting tools, the basket Cindy made for her mom’s knitting, and this soon to be finished UFO!

Love you, Judy. And love you, Cindy. 

And this is why local yarn shops are important. It’s not just about the dollars, it’s the friends we come to know and love along the way. 


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First Annual Deep South Yarn Hop!

The 1st Annual Deep South Yarn Hop starts this week! This nine-day event is November 8 to 16 – all participants are encouraged to purchase a passport, visit each participating shop, and receive special deals & sales available only to them. At Ewe & Company, you’ll receive 20% off your regular priced purchases and be entered in our daily door prize drawing! Passport are $5 each (we have them in the shop) ~ you’ll want to present yours at each shop to receive the discounts and be entered in the drawings!

Most of the participating shops will have extended hours for the Yarn Hop, some are in the link at the end of this post. At Ewe, we’ll be open all nine days ~ you can stop by & shop every day! Yarn Hop hours are: Monday through Friday, 11-4; Saturday, 10-2; Sunday, Noon-3.

If you visit each of the participating Hop shops, you’ll be entered into a grand prize drawing for over $1000 of yarnie goodness ~ simply turn in your fully stamped passport at your last shop stop! And remember, we’ll be drawing for a door prize daily as well!)


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Pop-Up Shop in the Shop!

On Saturday, October 12 from 10am until 4pm, Sharon Lewis will be setting up shop in our knitting parlor! Sharon is one of my favorite yarn reps, and I’d love for you to meet her. Forbidden Fibers and Zen Yarn Garden will be featured (cash & carry!) as well as a variety of notions from Bryson Distributing. 

Forbidden Fiber Co. is a small but growing every day indie dyer originally based in California and now based in Brighton, TN. LeeAnn’s mantra is to provide “an exquisite color experience.” Her mission statement is: “to create beautiful colors in scrumptious yarns and fibers for the world to enjoy.” I would say, “well done, girlfriend, mission accomplished!” These yarns are delicious! [and home of the (most local) Harry Potter Yarn Club!] You’ll also have the opportunity to reserve your “12 Days of Harry Potter,Year One” box, as well as Forbidden Fiber’s “2019 Advent Calendar: Christmas Movies”. (These are limited, so it is first come-first served!)

Zen Yarn Garden is the art of a husband and wife team, Roxanne and Neville, based in Ontario, Canada. To paraphrase their comments … they take pride in providing the most luxurious fibers available for their yarns and dyeing them in a range of beautiful semi-solid, one-of-a-kind and splatter colourways. We have had a smattering of Zen in the shop off and on for years, this is your chance to dig deeper! “Create something unique. Everyday.” Who can’t love that?

Sharon will also be bringing a curated selection of fun notions and gadgets that Bryson Distributing has to offer (and which we all love). This won’t be cash & carry, but if you see something you like we can normally have it in the shop within the week, because Bryson is just that good!

Shop early for the best selection, as this will be a “cash & carry” event … meaning come prepared to purchase! You’ll be voting with your dollars to help us decide what we are bringing into the shop … and as always, we thank you for your support.B1C39416-3CC7-45DC-986C-D6E7E5AA92D7

P.S.  and yes, we’ll have cookies.


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Fall Classes & Events!

We’re currently putting together a 2019/2020 Fall & Winter class schedule.

We will be offering basic Learn to Knit and Learn to Crochet sessions, as well as timely gift and technique sessions to get your gifting game going – First Hat, First Infinity Scarf (Cowl), Beginning and Intermediate Brioche, House Socks, Felted Soaps, Felted Bangle Bracelets, Colorwork Holiday Stockings, some one hour mini-sessions (sock heels, I-cords, Cable’s etc.)… and anything else we can cook up!

Once the schedule is firmed up we will provide more particulars; in the meantime, give us a call at the shop or shoot us a message!

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What’s new at Ewe?

The second annual Local Yarn Shop Day (sponsored by TNNA) is coming up this Saturday, April 27. This is the day we ask all of you yarnies to come out and show your yarn shop love! We have several new vendors, as well as special colorways and patterns just for the occasion, And, we’ll have …. COOKIES! (You know, those chewy  thick delicious old fashioned ginger molasses cookies Sue makes for us … those cookies!)

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new in the shop this week … any day now we are expecting our first shipment of Brew City Yarns! Located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, this mother and daughters team produces lovely colorways in yarns humanely sourced from the UK and South America. Their first ‘brewski of the month’ installment is scheduled to arrive just in time for LYSD ~ we’ve selected their YakYak sock (70/20/10 Merino/Yak/nylon blend), the colorway is a rich jewel tone blend aptly named ‘Heart Sisters’ …

Next up is Dream in Color ~ their LYS colorway is called ‘Grand Canyon’; this yarn commemorates the centennial of the Grand Canyon’s declaration as one of our most treasured National Monuments, and 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this yarn will be donated (by Dream in Color) to the maintenance and preservation of this national treasure. Also, they have paired up kits and offer a free pattern on LYSDay …. we have these in Smooshy with Cashmere. Because who doesn’t love cashmere!

Koigu … love working with this Canadian mother-daughter team ~ they sent a door prize! We selected ‘Deep South’ as our club selection this month, and it is lovely … I do believe this would make a beautiful fade combined with their ‘Vitamin D’ and ‘Ocean’ colorways! Plus, we have all the new LYS Pencil Box combos (Don’t love this collage, it’s like a storyboard of how they came up with the color combos!)


Mountain Colors is introducing their new tweed yarn, and we’ll have their LYS Appreciation kits for you to enjoy (and they’re sending us a door prize)! And we still have a good selection of their Wildberries sock (their sprinkle yarn) and Twizzlefoot!

 Madelintosh is in! This is not just for LYSDay, but I did want to tell you about it. We’re pretty excited to add this label … we have started with Tosh Merino and Tosh Merino Light. These are single ply yarns (which we just love) – we have a shop model of the Goramus shawl that is lovely!

Old Soul Fibers is another new addition. Samantha is an indie dyer in Greenville, SC  with a real eye for color! We have 10 colorways of her Old Soul Classic … you really need to try this one!

Knitting Fever adds a little spice to the mix … any of their pdf patterns published on their site will be FREE with your yarn purchase on Saturday! So give them a browse … knittingfever.com. They are one of the (if not the) largest yarn distributors in the country, bringing us Noro, Mirasol, Elsbeth Lavold, Juniper Moon …. really too many yarn labels to list here.


And … BinkWaffle, Laurel Burch, LePapillon bags! Private label candles from Southern Elegance (Ewe & Company, Main Street, Kingston Springs, Nashville). NumNum’s Goat Milk Soap. Solemate socks. In2Green wraps and blankets. Fair trade baskets. More things that I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention but this is enough for now.

Also, Jan Quarles is conducting an Indigo Dye Workshop this Saturday from 9-2, pop over to our Facebook page for the details. And she is bringing some of her indigo pieces (scarves, leggings, tops) for your shopping pleasure!

We are always glad to see you, and we particularly look forward to your support this week for LYS Day (week?)! We’ll be open Wednesday through Thursday from 11-4, and Saturday from 9-3. (Saturday is cookie day, and we’ll draw for door prizes after closing … your $25 purchase any time this week automatically gets you entered!)


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Happy (almost) Spring from Ewe to you!

Hello! Today is March 10, 2019 and yes, it has been quite awhile since we last updated this space. There is really no reason for the absence, except that it requires a bit of time and organization (what is that, you may well ask!?). That said ~ the shop is doing great, life is good, grands are outstanding, dogs are their usual precocious selves … all I can say is I’m a slacker when it comes to writing blog posts!

We have been working diligently to trim down our stash of national yarn labels as we try to hone in on the best small operations and most loved of our indie dyers.

We are one of 30 shops to be invited to share Round Mountain Fibers amazing yarns … we currently have in stock the Botanical Collection in fingering weight. The Botanical Collection is a variety of colorways based on plants and flowers found in our American landscape (some of which are listed as endangered). AND … yes, we have their Drunk Yarn easy peasy dye kits in stock. This photo is their Bourbon kit (yes, I had to dye two kits, and yes, there was wine involved and it is a long story …)


Dream in Color’s ‘Funnest Sock Kits’ in Smooshy have been a big hit, and make a deliciously festive pair of socks ~ a full skein of sock yarn + a contrasting mini-skein for toes, cuffs & heels!


Koigu’s Limited Edition monthly colorways have started arriving, we are proud to be included in the 41 shops in the United States to participate in this monthly program.  Their featured February colorway in the photo is aptly named ‘Vitamin D’ … because don’t we all need some of that right about now?!  (We knit this up using Star Athena’s Willamette scarf pattern … it is a sweet piece and soon as it is blocked it will be in the shop!)7F475269-53F6-4552-90FF-BCDF46A917D7

LYS exclusive Pencil Boxes from Koigu should be in the shop in time for Local Yarn Shop Day (April 27) … here is their color schematic of what’s coming in!


BUT WAIT, there’s more! We have several things coming up in the shop I’d like to tell you about, so grab a beverage and read on …

April 6We are delighted to host a trunk show with Jan Quarles on Saturday, April 6 from 10 until 2. Come on out and discover the magic of indigo ~ join us in celebrating spring with the luminous blues of the fabrics produced by Middle Tennessee dyer Jan Quarles. We’ll be offering a wide a range of unique scarves, shawls, leggings, baby clothes and home goods (and perhaps some yarn). These one-of-kind creations are usually only available through private sale or high-end boutiques, and a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. We are very excited to be hosting this event, and do hope you’ll join us!

You may have had an opportunity to meet Jan at our local fiber festivals, or had the chance to take one of her botanical dying workshops (most recently at GroWild, our amazing native plant nursery located just down the road in Fairview, TN). She has recently retired from MTSU and is devoting her time to dyeing, studying and sharing her craft. She is delightful!

71F0528F-08FC-4A1E-9598-C52745765723Then! On April 27 (which is #LYSDay and also by the way is also the day after my birthday in case you forget) …

Jan is teaching an INDIGO DYEING WORKSHOP! We’re calling it Dyeing to Knit the Blues!

Discover the magic of indigo, nature’s most soulful blue as you dye yarn for your own textile creations! In this workshop on Saturday, April 27th from 9 – 2, you’ll learn about the history of this magic blue and prepare and dye your own yarn for a project.  Drinks will be provided, you can either bring a sack lunch or pre-order a boxed lunch from Sweet T’s (about $8). Cost for the workshop is $95 per person and includes: instruction, class handouts, gloves, all dying supplies, and one skein of Merino fingering weight sock yarn (if you want a box lunch that is extra and you need to preorder). Additional sock yarn … fingering weight skeins, mini skeins and sock blanks … will be available for purchase throughout the day. Class is limited to 12, and you must prepay to reserve your spot. Stop by or call the shop to register … 615.952.0110, or message us here with your phone number, we’ll call you back quick as we can!


And on our quarterly class schedule we are offering:

Ready to Make Your First Sweater? $55 fee includes printed pattern and three 1-½ hour sessions; Your instructor will be our local soon to be famous LeAnn Lewis

Saturdays ~ March 30, April 6 & 13 from 10:30 until noon

We’ll walk you through this simple top down raglan sleeve baby sweater step by step in three 1-½ hour sessions. You will learn basic sweater construction, how to read a pattern, use stitch markers and stitch holders, make button holes, and a little knitting-in-the-round and magic loop … this is a real basic confidence builder for new or inexperienced knitters (and a sweet little sweater)!

Supplies (which we most definitely expect you to purchase at Ewe & Company) include: your yarn, #4 circular needles, stitch markers, stitch holders.

Class size is limited to 6, so give us a call or stop by to register. We’re in the shop Wednesday – Friday 11-4, Saturday 10-3; shop phone is 615.952.0110.

(This photo is from Jennifer Hoel’s free pattern, which we’ll be using for this class … thank you, Jennifer!) We have a knitted model in the shop if you want to stop by!
Well, there is that. Kent says I’ve been typing too long, and he’s the journalist … so thanks for hangin’ with me, come and see us, and know that we appreciate each and every one of you! Latest classes and events and snarky comments pop up on our Facebook page daily, so follow us there, we’re also newbies on Instagram. And please feel free to give us a call or stop by any time.

Casting off for now … with lots of love!




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Trying to get back … 

IMG_0547WordPress told me it has been over 2 years since we posted … and that is sadly correct. Our bad.

We are still getting our legs back after several personal setbacks and plan to begin regular postings. Thank you for your patience and loyalty, please stay tuned!


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