This happened today …

This happened today, and this speaks directly to the heart of what Ewe & Company is all about. I’ve posted before about Judy ~ our sparkly, feisty girlfriend that we lost way too soon. It was a tough time. 

Today, 6 years and several days out …

I was just having a lazy and pretending-to-be-productive Sunday afternoon … laundry, dishes, dog loving, grocery shopping and a bit of supper started, little snatches of knitting. Out of the cyber-sky fell a text from Judy’s daughter, Cindy. Basically, she said “I’m going to a knitting group and I want to finish Mama’s blanket as a baby blanket and I need more yarn.” And I couldn’t quit crying. Sometimes those tears just rain down, no matter how tough you think you are.

Once I quit crying … this simple little text made my day. I’m now trying to map out Judy’s colors and make something work and fill in the blanks and feeling proud to be doing it (and being asked to help).  

The pics below are Judy, Cindy, some of Judy’s knitting tools, the basket Cindy made for her mom’s knitting, and this soon to be finished UFO!

Love you, Judy. And love you, Cindy. 

And this is why local yarn shops are important. It’s not just about the dollars, it’s the friends we come to know and love along the way. 


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