A lot of sweet things happen in this little shop, but this one will hold my heart for a good bit.

The precious thing happened in the shop this week, and I just wanted to share. 

First thing Tuesday morning, I answered the phone to a gruff, older (than me) man …
He: “Is this EVE & Company”
Me: “No, sir, this is Ewe & Company”
He: “Are you the knitting shop?”
Me: “Yes, sir.”
He: “Are you Eve?”
Me: “No, sir, I’m Glenna. There is no Eve here.”
He: (chuckle) “Well, I’m coming to see see you.”
Then we had a little conversation about hours, directions …

Thinking he was bringing me another ‘repair project’, I agonized over how I was just going to say “No”. (I cannot bring myself to repair one more acrylic ‘precious’ blanket that some dog has chewed, cigarettes and/or candles have melted, used as a rug .. not again this year, and perhaps never ever again. Boundaries. Can you tell I already had my attitude going?!)

He came in with a gift bag, something all wrapped in tissue, and pulled out an exquisite vintage hand-knit dress his late wife had made. He didn’t want me to repair it, or sell it, he just wanted me to help to find it a proper home. He said that he couldn’t bring himself to donate it to a charity/thrift shop … wanted it to go to someone who would wear it. Then he handed me his ‘calling card’ (a true gentleman!), thanked me, and left. Simply wanted to find this dress the proper home to respect his late wife.

After he left, I buried my face in that dress and cried. It was so similar to the shirt-waist dresses my Nana always sewed. But to knit this ~ I cannot even imagine.

This is one precious handknit … I’m guessing worked on US #1 or #2 needles … and it’s practically pretty perfect, even the seams appear to be hand-sewn. Circa 1960, some kind of cotton blend? It’s teeny … maybe a size 4/6. This needs to be worn again.

If you’re interested, it is available simply for the gifting … please get in touch; just be aware that this piece may require a personal interview (IMO, it is that special).

And … this photo doesn’t really do it justice; it is a pale pink/taupe color blend, presents as pink. And it has a covered buckle belt as well. It will need the perfect buttons! (He did tell me she would remove buttons before sending her garments for dry-cleaning so they wouldn’t be broken, then sew them back on after the cleaning ~ that in itself speaks volumes for this piece & its maker!)

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10 Responses to A lot of sweet things happen in this little shop, but this one will hold my heart for a good bit.

  1. Sue says:

    That dress is unbelievably stunning!!

  2. Janie Crosby says:

    Too sweet for words. Oh how wonderful to have been loved so much. 

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  3. Cynthia Collins says:

    OH WOW! What a gift. I don’t even think I’m small enough to wear the dress. Otherwise, I would love to have it. I hope you have been able to find a home for it. If not, let me know and I’ll come see if I would “measure up.” I assume he has lots of knitted coverlets, but would even be willing to knit him one in exchange.

    Cynthia Collins

  4. Kathy Bumgardner says:

    Oh my gosh-what a story! A book could be written with this story! How sweet, I’m SO looking forward to hearing more and who will wear the dress! Kind of like Cinderella’s shoe! Magical! ❤️

  5. What an exquisite piece of art! and a beautiful memorial to a cherished wife. If I would ever see size 4 again I would wait in line for it. Wouldn’t mother of pearl buttons be lovely on it?! Thank you for sharing this touching story.

  6. Melinda Evinger says:

    Dear Glenna, That little dress is amazing! I would love to see it up close to appreciate the workmanship. Will it be on display in your shop? I am 73 years old and wear a size 2 or thereabouts. Not sure that it would work for me, but I hope it finds a good home.Thanks for sharing.Melinda Evinger

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