Alrighty, let’s get this bloggy thang going again!

When I opened Ewe & Company in 2010, my marketing partner gave me a graph … first the blog, then the newsletter, then Facebook. (I think this was before Instagram even took hold.) For the first year, she wrote for me. She’d write & photograph, I’d edit. I was very afraid … I just wanted to sell yarn, help my customers & make. Mostly make. She moved on … I became very comfortable with FB posts and then Instagram, but absolutely neglected the newsletter & blog part. Contrary to what any of you may think, I’m basically pretty shy outside my comfy space (ie the shop).

That worked well for a good while … and then came the game changer known as Covid. 

After a conversation with Meg at Haus of Yarn (a wringing of hands, ‘where will I go, what will I do’) talk, I dug in and revived the newsletter. Meg’s words became my inspiration … ‘this is how I talk to my people.’ Thank you, girl.

Now it is time to revive this blog … one of my most favorite things is opening my emails on Thursday mornings and finding messages from you guys telling me how much you enjoyed my ‘whatever’ in the newsletter. Not just what yarns we have to sell, but things we share. This blog is for the ‘whatever.’

So stay tuned … and we thank you for your support. Because this is how I talk with you when you’re not in the shop. And I love it when you talk back!

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4 Responses to Alrighty, let’s get this bloggy thang going again!

  1. Jane Salem says:

    I love your shop! Thanks.

  2. Kathy Bumgardner says:

    YEAHHHHH! I’m excited to see what you have in store for the future! I have yet to physically visit your store (I live in Lewisburg) but have “stalked” you for quite some time lol….I’m hoping to come for a visit SOON! -Kathy

  3. Janie says:

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog. Love the newsletters too!

  4. Dawn says:

    Moving to Murfreesboro and looking to continue to indulge my “yarnie passion” in knitting.

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