E.L.F. Cap KAL … ((what))

Too many acronyms, just want to knit? We’re knitting this fun & crazy hat beginning Wednesday, August 14 as a shop Knit-A-Long (hence KAL) from the soon to be available ‘Unofficial Harry Potter Knits’ magazine

We’ve worked through this one, and for sure this is not just another hat. This is 5-5-5 hats in one, just like the pattern says. You need to bring most if not all of your knitting skills to the mixing table for this one. It is complexly simple … or simply complex.  We’re offering this KAL beginning August 14 and it may take several weeks, this pattern takes you through several interestingly simple1014167_591928774163684_1799136724_n hoops and twists.  If you’d like to sign up, please send us a message through our FB page, cost is $25 for the guidance if you purchase everything at the shop, $50 if you would prefer to bring in your own stuff from elsewhere.  We’re thinking 3 sessions will get this done, the magic starts at 6 pm, August 14 … hope to see you then!

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