Repurposing (a/k/a why I can’t seem to ever throw anything away) …

Well, I had these Grumpy socks from the Disney Store that Sam bought me probably in 1993 or so.  That’s right, 20 year old worn out socks and I still had ’em.  The heels & toes were blown out so that they were more like yoga socks, ‘cept I’m not yet a yoga-kind-of-gal.  Yet.  Rather than pitching them in the trash, I just cut off the feet, kept the cuffs. Can’t explain why.

We were discussing in the shop the other day about various yarn cozies available … and suddenly these Grumpy sock tops had a new life ~ seems perfect!  I’ve been knitting a simple garter stitch shawl with 100% silk; that slick little yarn ball just kept unwinding out of control.  Gently snuggling the yarn cake into the sock cuff, I knit a few rows and it’s working great … so now I’m going to pop off & rummage through the sock drawers again. Let us know if you try it and what you think!

PS:  (This is also offered as a semi-logical explanation as to why we have a pillowcase full of socks for you to prowl through!)


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Help us name our goat (yes, it’s a contest)!

ImageOK, it’s official, we’ve adopted an angora goat through the Baatany Project we told you about yesterday, pretty excited to be able to do this!  Now, we need to name our little mountain critter ~ so we’re having a contest.  Like us on Facebook (Ewe & Company) and post your suggested name, we’ll pick our favorite on Sunday, July 21 & announce the winner (if a duplicate name is picked, first posting will win).  Some creatively lucky peep will receive a couple of skeins of Green Mountain Spinnery‘s Mountain Mohair yarn (spun with the fleece from the Baatany goats), current issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine, and a pair of Knitter’s Pride Needles.  Ya’ll have some fun with this!

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Every now & then a project just reaches into my heart … the Baa-tany Project did just that!

As most of you know, I’m from East Tennessee (just spend a little time with me, you’ll hear it!).  I was born in Elizabethton, my MeeMaw was from Mountain City … Roan Mountain has always been a special place to me.

Tuned in the Nashville’s NPT this morning, Tennessee Wild Side was coming on as we waited for the coffee .. thought this segment was going to be either about Watauga Lake or the giant rhodendrons. maybe Iron Mountain or the Appalachian Trail.  Much to my surprise it revealed this magnificent story of preservation, goats and Great Prys  (Click here for the link to the show.!

Frankly I usually skip Tennessee’s Wild Side because I’m not a great outdoor girl … my idea of camping at it’s worst is a new Holiday Inn.  Watched this segment and haven’t been able to quit thinking about it all day.  Just made me proud, the work they are doing to preserve those sacred spaces on Roan Mountain.

Bottom line, Ewe & Company is adopting a goat (or 2), perchance a dog  … if you’d like to participate with a donation, please send us a message on our Facebook page … (so you can be included in the goat-naming contest)!

(PS … Baa-chus is adopting a dog!)

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Want to help support this little shop?

We’ve just been approved as a Craftsy Affiliate … pretty proud of that!  Craftsy is a great resource for classes (of all kinds), patterns and supplies.  Any of the Craftsy classes we’re previewed have been most excellent, and they have a great supply of interesting patterns.  If you link through our shop when you sign up and purchase, we’ll get a bit of the proceeds, and it won’t cost you a penny more,  just one more click.  Click on the logo below to get there.   And we thank you for your continued support …

Craftsy Logo
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New Summer Hours:

New Summer Hours:

Heads up for our new summer hours~ beginning tomorrow, Saturday, June 22 …

Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays: 11:00 until 8:00
Saturdays, 10:00 til 4:00

‘Happy Hour(s) of Knitting’ Fridays from 5-8 … (or until we’re done ~ our call!)

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Olive’s Poncho … so many have asked for this pattern!

mannequinponchoThis is what we envisioned when we knit this poncho for Olive ….(& please consider yourself a test knitter for 4-6 child’s size … we’re new to this pattern writing thingamajiggy … we just knit ’round here!) Hopefully here’s the link to the written pattern … Olive’s Poncho 02-2013.

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First week of knitting in the new year …

Everyone that comes in the shop asks ‘what are you knitting?’ … and my first thought is ‘well, everything I see’? So I just thought I’d tell you what I’m really trying to complete in this first week of 2013 …

A very cozy pullover knit with Schaefer’s Miss Priss in Julia Child Colorway ..

I’ll miss Schaefer’s thoughtful colorways and their wonderful customer service.  One of my first favorite boutique yarns.

Nice to have this bit of knitting in my lap during these cold days.


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