Nurses, nurturing and knitting …

Since we opened the shop, we’ve been amazed at the number of nurses that flock to the shop, love them all!  My long time friend Kim is working as a ‘traveling nurse’ (she’ll have to explain that one ~ sounds like a great gig!); I know she’s not a knitter (though she could be) … but she’s on an interesting journey.  She has just driven to Newbury, New Hampshire for at least an 8-week assignment in an PACU capacity, and I’m really hoping she’ll start a blog … ‘Friend’ her on Facebook’ and tell her Glenna sent you … Kim Coates (from East Kingsport, TN).  I’m hoping she’ll find the comfort of the yarns and post some great wooly shots & ideas from New England!

Here are a few of her photos … that I snagged from her FB posts.  Hopefully she’ll like this post and send me some shots … (but please do notice the ‘witch cap’ on that house she posted!!) 

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