Why I Spin…Now

by Sue Gazell

yarn spinner, fiber artist, ewe and company

I’ve been an avid knitter since my teens. I had a brief career in needlework back in the 70s, at which time I convinced my father to make me a spinning wheel.  It languished in a corner for 30 years, as I could NOT learn to spin on it.  Thanks to my fantastically creative friend, Troy Berggren, for finding a local group of women who spin, and with perseverance, it finally came together for me.  I like to take the process from sheared raw fleece, washing, picking, carding or combing, and finally, spinning.  Most of my wool is bought from local farmers. My yarns tend to be very traditional.  Spinning is such an enjoyment for me, I find it hard to put it away and pick up the needles to knit. Thanks to Ewe & Company for giving me the opportunity to share my handspun yarn with the community.

Sue’s yarns are in the shop.  407 North Main Street | Kingston Springs | 952-0110

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1 Response to Why I Spin…Now

  1. Terri Barnes says:

    Sue’s work is absolutly beautiful and consistant. She spun some of my dog’s hair just before he died as a gift. Wonderful memories. Love knitting her stuff!

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