Fiber spelunking today …

Jim & I dug through some of Nelle’s sewing room today … and the sweet treasures were endless. Lots of quilted squares, bits and pieces, notes & patterns … could spend days in that one small room. Hardanger napkins, pulled thread table clothes and napkins … lots of things waiting to be done, with the expectation that one day you will get back to it.

Some things were over in the corner in bags, that’s where I found my surprises.  A vintage granny square afghan (note: this was seamed with heavy, maybe quilting thread, not yarn);Image

a vintage crazy quilt (Papa Sam must have squawked about her buying this one … great job, Nelle!) IMG_0548 IMG_0549

Then we got into a chest of basically ‘shove it in here’ … old photos, stacks of Christmas cards, gifts still in boxes, lots of vintage linens, some still with tags on …. and in the midst of this, wrapped up in a random scrap of what must be quilting leftover was this precious Christening Dress and Under-dress … I’m gonna take a good look at the old photos, but I think this may have been Papa Sam’s. It’s gossamer thin handkerchief linen  with French seams, hand embroidered … IMG_0545

I just love the little bits of history of the fiber of our lives, hope you cherish them too.  All these treasure are headed to the dry cleaners tomorrow.


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1 Response to Fiber spelunking today …

  1. Fowlkes, Nelda says:

    Awesome! Priceless!!!!!

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