Wax on, wax off …

Today I learned that Schaefer Yarn Company is closing at the end of this year.  I love Schafer Yarn, and here is pretty much why.

The first trip Sam and I made to San Francisco, he was in IRS tax seminars all day and I was left to spalunck around SF.  And I was scared, I’d never been dropped in a major city on my own.  We were staying at a hotel around Union Square, so I allowed myself a one-block radius (because I can get lost in a paper bag and know not to press my luck).  I remember asking the concerige where the yarn shops and art supply stores were …. and got, well, you know, the look.  Personally, I didn’t care for his attitude.

So I took my brave and sassy invincible (invisible?) self for a walk around the square.  Three quarters around I saw a very small and unobtrusive sign that said ‘Yarn Garden” in an upstairs window over a market.  Okay, it was 12 feet off my intended walk, but it was yarn.  Walking into the market, (being the Tennessee bumpkin) I was totally confused … there were groceries, wine & whiskey … but no yarn.  They directed me to the freight elevator in the back, or the well worn, dark but well traveled steps up to the second floor.  Being in earthquake country, I decided the steps might be marginally safer.  But I was … timid.

And walked into a space of joy … chairs just to sit and knit, windows with the Pacific light pouring in, and two guys who just loved fiber.  They sold me on a Dale of Norway book and a bag full of Rowan button yarns ($$$) for making the full sweater project.  Then I spied long hanks of yarn hanging over in the corner like nothing I’d ever seen … the jewel tones that I just had to have.   I’d already committed to the Rowan … but …

So, I bought 4 hanks of Schaefer.  And just put it away … for something special, for this special yarn.

Knitted up a ‘Peace Shawl’ which went to my friend Ginger when her husband of 50+ years passed.  Knitted up another for Nicky Epstein workshop I was able to attend this spring through Vogue Knitting.

Have one more left … it has just become all that more precious.

Still keeping some back in the stash.

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