Folkloric Tunic update …

Just a quick update, over half way through this lovely (and really pretty easy) knit! One recommendation if you are working on this one … pick up and knit your wrap & turns, it makes for a much smoother fabric!  My advice is to get your VK Fall 2012 mag, visit your LYS to pick up the yarn and just try this one; it is a much, much easier knit than it appears … and it is looking simply stunning!

Half the way there!

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2 Responses to Folkloric Tunic update …

  1. Ellenda Visions says:

    What yarn are you using?

    • Same as the pattern recommends … Universal Yarn’s Wisdom Poems Silk, Poems Chunky and Poems Puzzle (and same colors). Also on the yarn palette is a Noro Silk Garden, Cascade Eco Cloud and a blingy yet to be determined i-cord (this may have to wait until after the new year!).

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