Why I Knit: Dawn Gusty

knitting classes ewe and company kingston springs nashvilleIt’s in my nature to create. With life the way it is for me right now, it’s not an option anymore to start big projects.  I need something I can pick up and do five minutes here, an hour there, with no clean-up. Knitting!  What a perfect idea.  So I went to Ewe & Company and Glenna got me started.  I love carrying my knitting around with me, and any time I have a few spare minutes or a good bit of time to myself, I get lost in the rhythmic, almost meditative action of knitting.  Even if I have no idea what my creation is or if it’s full of flaws, I love the activity.  And it’s the perfect way to spend time with girlfriends.  Once you get started, the conversation comes and is always a memorable, very sweet time to share.  Thanks, Glenna! What a gift.  Now I may be ready to knit something recognizable!

Visit Dawn’s blog.  Why do you knit?  Email us your story to eweandcompany@yahoo.com or comment here.

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