Featured Fiber Artist: Laura McWhorter

A local artist and teacher, Laura combines knitting, weaving, spinning, and felting with embroidery, beading and stitching to craft one-of-a-kind bags, wearables, and artwork. Ewe & Company has a nice collection of Laura’s felted bags and vessels in the shop.

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Merino wool is Laura’s primary material, with the frequent addition of silk fibers and beads of glass and natural materials. Other types of wool, as well as llama, alpaca, mohair, angora, are often incorporated into her work. To create the base textile, Laura uses a process called “wet felting” that involves wool, hot water, soap and agitation.  The versatility of hand-felting allows for the creation of three-dimensional pieces like the ones pictured above.  Beading, embroidery and other embellishments complete these gorgeous, unique works of art.

Ewe & Company | 407 North Main Street | Kingston Springs | 952-0110

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