Lundy Cupp’s Unique Shawl Pins

yarn shop, knitting accessoriesMiniature versions of the face of a Kingston Springs landmark, only these faces are carved from old wooden sewing thread spools.  And the heart shawl pin is carved out of a small wooden spoon.

From Lundy’s website…  “It all began with a piece of half rotted firewood. I was enjoying a campfire in the woods on my property one evening when for some reason, I stopped inches from the flames holding a hollowed log. I set it aside and later brought it into my house for closer inspection. One step led to another and before I realized it, there was a beautiful hollowed out log carved into flames.”

These are just some of the creative, one-of-a-kind gifts and accessories you’ll find at the shop.  407 North Main Street | Historic Downtown Kingston Springs | 952.011o

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