Learn Tunisian Crochet July 10 & 24

Tunisian crochet is a needlework technique that borrows elements from both knitting and crochet, creating sort of a fusion of the two techniques. It’s sometimes referred to as afghan crochet, afghan stitch, tricot crochet, crochet knit, tunis crochet, or shepherd’s knitting (although other techniques are also sometimes called shepherd’s knitting).

There are pros and cons to Tunisian crochet vs. knitting; J.D. Wolfe offers some thoughts about the subject, and a selection of book ideas.

Jennifer Adair will teach us how to get started with Tunisian crochet in two classes.  Click here for full class schedule and registration information. Classes are filling up…

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2 Responses to Learn Tunisian Crochet July 10 & 24

  1. Nelda Fowlkes says:

    the link to more information and class schedule resulted in: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

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