Knitters Flock to Opening

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It was a great first day… everyone from master knitters to novices came by for yarn, bags, kits, accessories, patterns, and inspiration.  Troy Berggren dropped off some creative woven-and-felted needle cases to go with her fabulous and funky yarns.  Lise Brown’s whimsical, hand-crafted buttons were snapped up.  Ideas swirled around.  Many of you asked about classes for getting started, or advanced finishing techniques, or specialties like felting.  All of that will happen, and a lot more.  Watch this space (you can subscribe) and Facebook (be a fan) for news and events.  Thanks to everyone for making our first day in business a blaaaaast!

Come see us.  Need directions?  Click here for a map.

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2 Responses to Knitters Flock to Opening

  1. Carol says:

    What a delightful shop! Wishing you the best of luck as your business continues to grow.

  2. LeAnn Lewis says:

    How did I not hear about this? A fiber friend from my Nashville meetup group e-mailed me the blog link today. I am a Kingston Springs-ian (?) with a fiber habit. I will definitely be checking out your shop very soon!

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